Smart Women, Trashy Books

There are days when you find the transfer station at its absolute finest. Days like today. There is a never ending supply of clothing, trinkets, and old men trying to help you discover your next outfit to feature.

The weather is warming up a great deal in Fairbanks, spring is here! It has been in the 30s all week, which means we can start busting out the shorts! (or like Liz, the leopard print bras....)

With the weather warmer, that means (hopefully) more frequent postings, and new fashion as people clean out their closets!  Oh I am so ready, are you?

Leather Piece used as Head Band; Roomy Charcoal Sweater; Embellished silver sequined belt; Frye Campus boots; Leggings models own.

Cherry and Royal with Black knit embellishing holiday sweaters; cuffed Boyfriend style Light wash denim; Chocolate Suede Moccasins; Thin-wal cord three pocket shirt; vintage leather laced clogs

Oversized Men's Cinch Brown/Orange Plaid Button-up; Cuffed Boyfriend Style Light Wash Denim; Tweed Military Inspired Blazer; Leather Latticed Flats.

Original Everlast boxing warm-ups; 34 DD silk Leopard print bra. Necklace and sassy attitude Models own.


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