Bring on the Spring!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Lovin'

    A few weeks back we did an Arrogantly Shabby roadtrip to Manley. If you haven't been you MUST go; it's a terrific little spot for a quiet weekend. Especially during blueberry season!

     Okay, we just wanted to go for a soak, and happened to have some dump clothes with us. I swear. I don't think there is a time when I DON'T have dump clothes on me. Truth time.

    Here's a little mini-shoot for you!

Love classic American looks like embroidered denim + aviators. Score.
GAP Aviator sunglasses; Stonewash Denim vest; Vintage Geometric Tube top; Baby Pinstripe Cargo bremudas; Black Airwalk deck shoes

      Bags of jewelry are one our ultimate favourite finds. Whether costume, junk or silver, you can take pieces apart, put them together differently or even melt 'em down to cast something else if you're so inclined. But usually, earring hooks, pliers and a few jump rings will get you a few new pieces.

    Gold-tone Aztec Sundial earrings; Gold-tone Vintage Cocktail ring

This print is fantastic! We found it with about a half-dozen other mid-60's vintage wrap tops/tunics and dresses. One thing about most awesome 60's clothes, is that they often were home-made, so they are VERY  specifically sized. We like to pass them on to someone they'll fit!
Vintage Print Cotton Wrap dress; Brushed Wool miniskirt

We can't get enough of cute, comfy workboots. These are Redwing Brand boots. The lug sole is good for actual work, but they aren't too heavy for everyday wear. Go multi-purpose!

Chunky necklace with silver beads; Cotton Tibetan wrap top with Ikat detail; Geo Flounce skirt

We're back at the Transfer Site next time! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Man, Can We Thank the Academy!?

This Past Sunday (for clarification, YESTERDAY) Fairbanks, Alaska's local paper, the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer featured us as the cover of their Sunday Section! We cannot express how appreciative we are to the Newsminer and Anne Kristoff, who interviewed us for the article!

Fairbanks Daily News Miner Arrogantly Shabby
(Picture links to Newsminer article on website)
Arrogantly Shabby mens Fashion
(Ms. Kristoff stepping in and taking a photo of one of our models for the paper!)

The Pictures in the article shall be in an upcoming post! I promise, it shall be up by the end of the week!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Grass Is Greener

Guys, GUYS...IT IS SEPTEMBER. Oh man, how did that happen?! I Mean, this means snow is only weeks away. WEEKS. I just don't know if I am ready... no, I KNOW I am not ready. And not in a 'mentally I am just not ready for the cold' way, but more like in a 'Oh Shit! I have no heating fuel, and still need to fix my bike from summer, and headlights on my car, and get an oil change, and...and...' Kind of way. No Good at all. 

So I shall post pictures taken a few weeks ago, so we can all remember the greener times. Yeah, this lush greeness was only a few weeks ago. Seasons, who knew?
Pinstripe button down; heather Gray Cardigan; Rolled Denim Pedal Pushers; White hightop Sneakers

Levi's Denim Shirt; Stripped scoop neck sailor shirt; Ashen skinny fit corduroys; Gray woven belt

Left: Purple and white Gingham shift dress; Ivory sweater vest; Brown Leatherette belt; Candy Apple Green Flats.
Middle: Sage Green Denim; Tribal Print Polo; Olive Corduroy Blazer
Right: Navy Kitten Heels with Cut outs; Floral Cap sleeved silk Waterfall Dress; Coral Silk tank; Lavender cloth belt

(Constant reminder from Kface and Ruckus: Modify your clothing! The dress on the right was a full floor length number, until I got a hold of it and chopped length away all around, and then continued to chop the front to make it an ever stylish 'mullet' dress like This, and This.)

Vintage Peter Pan Collared Poppy Dress; Brown Dansko's

Seal Gray Men's Summer Suit; Pale Pink Oxford