Bring on the Spring!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Snow Days

Ruckus moved into a new cabin a few weeks ago. Being thrifty as she is, she's been scouring the dump for furniture, decor and housewares. We figured that we'd try and show some of them off. Yay or nay? Let us know what you think!

          New model Cassidy channels Steve Zizzou in a cute sailor-ly outfit. Check the sweet Jadeite Fireking mug, circa 1940-ish.

Vintage Fromm Dog  Food Ski hat; 100% Cotton Sailor Stripe tank; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers; Paisley tie used as a belt; Peruvian bamboo and chalk turquoise bracelet; Found horse clam shell necklace-model's own

Stoked to have James back modeling! He's the designer and builder of that fantastic gypsy chicken trailor! The sweet handmade mug is one of his finds! Behind him is one of our all-time favourite finds: a vintage linen print. ADORE them. 

Vintage Fromm Dog  Food Ski hat; Wrangler Cowboy shirt; Grey Stripe tie; Vintage Old-Lady Sunglasses

Another super-classic look is a big scarf and a blazer. It's adorable, and can be as feminine or masculine as you want it to be. Add a hat for a cute bum-professor look, or a bit of lace or a fancy earrings to make it lady-like. Check out that gorgeous old lady lamp in the background-- it's a Campy Attributes dump find! 

Linen GAP blazer; Sleeveless graphics tee; Velvet patch pocket LEI trousers; Rough-weave cotton scarf (which I strongly suspect is actually a table runner...)

Oh man. Everyone loves an adorable skater look. The beetle box in the background is actually an old wine box that's been decoupaged. Fun fact: Wine boxes are the perfect size for incense. Sweet!

OBEY brand skate tee; Vintage Wrangler cowboy snaps shirt

My favourite look from this shoot; the hat does it for me. The shirt looked ugly as until it was on- the soft smokey-coloured ruffles aren't overbearingly girly, and the peek-a-boo slip is grungy but cute. 

100% Wool Felt hat; Calvin Klein ruffle placket top; Cream slip; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers

                            James found this sweatshirt. It's amazing. What is it from? It was tagless!

                 Chunky wool beanie; Galactic babe sweatshirt; Calvin Klein Velvet trousers

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last Child in the Woods

  I'm excited about not being the size of an affordable family car anymore. If you see me in public and I'm wearing stretch pants covered in cat hair, give me a break, and enjoy the glorious irony of me having a fashion blog.-Ruckus

   That said, it's winter again, and I'm thinking layers and mixed prints. There's a fine balance between layering and "I'm currently living out of my car, thus wearing everything I own at once". I often find myself toeing the line of the latter. And I know we've said it time and again, and life in general would be less exciting if we all could follow our own advice, but : sticking to similar colour families, or at least complimentary ones, and showing enough of your shape to confirm that no, you are not in possession of a bag of cats, will usually help you to look less like a street urchin, and more like you're sauntering the streets of some European city. That might be laying it on a bit thick. But you get the point.

Birch woodsIMG_1003
I feel like I did not nail the look I describe above in this outfit. AT ALL. But it fit me with minimal clawing and ripping. The pieces on their own are nice, but someone should have told me I looked a bit like a bag lady. ( I know this 'someone should have told me' was directed at me Ruckus, and you know what? you DON'T. There are times, and I tell you those times... this is not one of keep your judgmental snark down a notch, k?)

100% Lambswool Varsity cardigan; GAP Maternity sailor top; Ethnic print broomstick skirt; Vintage Leather and wood clogs

Men's Hunting bootsIMG_1018IMG_1019IMG_1017
Face nails it again. I love the pairing of boyish boots and plaid with short-shorts. SO cute. (Face here, I think Ruckus and I both agreed, we would like to be able to take every shot, at every photo shoot on a swing. The angle Flatters like no other! Swings, in all bars! PLEASE)

 Boys Vintage cotton plaid shirt; Levi's cuffed short-shorts; Poppy embroidered scarf; Sorel Caribou boots

IMG_0998Mustard CorduroyIMG_0997-1
  Leather, sweater and corduroy. Perfect for fall and winter. Add thick tights and a hat if it gets really cold!

  Batik rough cotton scarf; Wool blend striped jumper; Old Navy cord pleat skirt; Vintage topstiched cowboy boots

Floral DenimIMG_1011
 Simple, with a pop of colour in a headband--cleverly made out of a strip of funky vintage fabric! (guys, I brought this skirt home and hemmed in REAL style, and now love it! I wore it HERE)

  Scoop-neck cotton top; Floral pocketed skirt; Vintage topstiched cowboy boots; Re-purposed headband

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bare Legs Chunky Shoes

Sitting in a coffee shop waiting with it being below zero outside, I edit and long for the days of this shoot. Bare legs. Chunky Sandals. Man, how come I never realize how glorious it may be outside until it is too late?  No, that is a lie, I definitely realize it at the time, it is just that it goes by so fast, I never get to do as much in the glorious weather as I hoped.

Winter is upon us now though, and that just means we get great tights, scarves, boots, and super chunky sweaters. It also means though that the transfer sites are a little more bare, and that the bin men are on top of it a little more, making it all the more sparse. We have at least one more shoot queued up for you, and hopefully it will give us enough time to scrap together some amazing winter looks.
Pillow Case scarfIMG_0993IMG_0990-1
Navy pencil Skirt; Tan Leather Wedges; Embellished Heather Blue tank; Vintage floral Mustard Bed sheet (as scarf); Sheer cardigan; navy and floral vintage Belt

Yes, one again we are using bed sheets, or really any scraps of fabric we can get our grubby hands on, as scarves. I still don't understand why more people don't do this....(we get complimented on scraps a lot. and it always makes me smile to reveal its origins, because snotty people can take back their compliments...)

Floral steve MaddenIMG_1006fishtail
American Apparel Cotton stripped mini dress; Chunky Knit Cardigan; Platform floral Mary-Janes

IMG_1031Swing SetsIMG_1029
Vintage Cuffed Dark wash Levi's; Platform Floral Mary-Janes; Stripped Cotton Long sleeve Tee; Southwest/tribal print Linen Scarf (or men's shirt...cut to pieces...)

I wanted these Mary-Janes more than I can put forth. I have huge feet, and it just didn't happen. I also wanted these shoes to belong to someone I loved, but apparently all of my friends have giant feet. Yay hormones!

IMG_1022Tie Dye MaxiIMG_1021
Yellow and white stripped Henley; Nipped waist hand tie-dyed silk Maxi Skirt; Miu Miu caramel leather wedges