Bring on the Spring!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be kind, Re-wind

 #1 : How sad is it that VCRs don't really exist so much anymore? Or cassettes? The joy of re-winding things? Lost, FOREVER.


Watercolour Poplin sundress; 3/4 sleeve Cranberry Crew T; Frye Motorcycle boots

White cotton sleeveless T; Vintage men's tie; High-waisted pleated trousers; T-strap espadrilles; Vintage leather handbag

Bedazzled cashmere cardigan; Rampage Stretch trousers; Slouch Pirate booties

Wool Beanie; Silk tailored top; Ikat Tribal print skirt; Canvas oxfords

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mock-ING Bird

  So it's been a month. You'd think that we'd have something to show for it...


You may have noticed I cropped my face out of this one...Believe me, it benefits from such drastic measures. I mean, it IS all about the outfit, right?

Flat brown leather riding boots; White Chiffon summer dress (styled as a skirt); Amazing brown knit sweater with princess cap sleeves; Pashmina (so said the label that was literally double-sided tapped to the shawl...AHEM)

Swedish Cotton Jumper; Dark Cocoa leggings; Coal suede slouch boots

Alights, ignore the fact that I am absolutely tits McGee in this outfit, and focus on that fact that you can't notice the pretty lace detail on this nude colored slip. Such a shame.

Black leather Flat Riding Boots; High-wasted Wool skirt; Nude Slip worn as camisole; Slouchy brown cardigan

"What is that face? STOP IT NOW." ---Face

This dress is adorable, pockets and everything! One little hitch: the buttons that run up the front are too small, and it takes itself off. Particularly en route to weddings...
Polly Ester Polka-dot Vintage dress; Brown velvet blazer; Wide woven leatherette belt; Cocoa leggings; Rampage flats

This is a crime-fighting outfit; leggings + short-shorts + boots is my favourite look ever. 

Pashmina (my ass) shawl; Silk Abstract top; Vintage rough-cut levi short-shorts; Cocoa Leggings; Coal suede slouch boots

White boots make everything look like a bad disco outfit. sigh.

High contrast print tunic; Black Leggings; White patent leather flat boots; Black Leather Belt. 

Tibetan prayer scarf; Victorian Print wrap dress; Skinny leather and brass belt; Dove leather handbag; Cocoa Leggings; Coal suede slouch boots


Leopard-print scarf; Lambswool Vintage Jumper; Crimson Dickies; Land's End leather Clogs

Sorry we are slack asses. The sad thing is we def. had some GOOD stuff saved up, but somehow we managed to make it all go wrong...