Cabin Fever

 The days are beginning to get warmer, but the cabin still reigns supreme for photo-shoots. We are now back from Hawai'i and simply bidding our time before we can really scrounge and scrap through the transfer stations once more. 

Once again we bring you items modeled at Ruckus's house, but hopefully the spring themes and colors will start appearing more and more...

*** Note how we look like we want to die in every picture. This is half coincidence, half our poor modeling skills.
Hand-knit cotton cardigan; Linen pinafore top; Wool flat-front trousers; Wool tartan scarf

Men's Pleated High-waisted Chino; Floral silk scarf (used as Halter wrap top); Leather satchel clasp fashion as belt; Braided Headband

Vintage  Arctic Man musher's cap; Cotton plaid button-up; Navy cotton stretch pants with hip-pockets

More to come....seriously.


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