Bring on the Spring!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Nice Vintage

...And we're back. After a small re-tooling of what kind of style selections we wanted to make, we have come out even stronger. We have decided to try and minimize the use of graphic print T-shirts (see last post), and stick to all the amazing prints and textiles that we come across while scouring the transfer sites. 
This post illustrates the amazing vintage clothing that people trash each day...and we make our treasure.

Navy Oxford boy's blazer; Vintage polka dot circle skirt;  Black leather school marm ankle booties; brown leather clutch.

Black silk lingerie top with lace detail; crocheted navy blue shrug with red piping; navy striped high waisted sailor pants with brass button closure (found at the University of Alaska free Market); White slip on Ked flats.

Dyed leather strap headband; Electric Floral Chiffon V-neck blouse; White Linen with lace detail skirt; Rhinestone belt; Orange Keds

Camel colored 100% Cashmere cardigan; black stretch trousers; worn leather work boots; black leather shoulder satchel

Vintage geometric print Shetland wool sweater; Distressed denim shorts; Black Wool ankle booties

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Gods Must Be Crazy

As I sit and write this post, the weather outside is too amazing to explain,  blue skies, blaring sun, and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  This weather began about two days ago, or exactly two days AFTER we shot this post. We went to this post tired, sick, heavily medicated (in Ruckus' case) and angry about the weather...and I think we conveyed every ounce in our facial expressions. This time we weren't modeling... we were channeling our frustrations with Alaska weather...I guess the Gods took notice.

And they betta'.

 Sheer cotton gingham oxford shirt; Tribal pattern cotton tea-length dress; Leather and brass espadrilles

Hand knit toboggan cap; Black and white Floral print sheer button-down; 
Screen-print t-shirt; Costume faded Denim; 
Leather Men's work boots

Rayon-silk blend batik scarf; Tweed and cotton blend blazer with leather button details;
  Sheer cotton gingham oxford shirt; 
Surf wash distressed Gap jeans; Chocolate Doc Marten Oxfords

Ivory hooded Henley; Coral Indian-inspired Screen print T-shirt; 
Dark Stain Corduroy; Leather wedged Penny Loafers

Thursday, May 12, 2011


The dump has been awesome the last couple of days! I found sheets, bird seed and an onion. You'd think that isn't anything to write home about, but did I mention that those sheets were 250-count (our current sheets are like 50? I am almost positive they are from a prison...) AND the onion was purple, brand-new, with tags still on?  I know I'm not the only person that gets excited about free onions. Well, me and all of 15th-century Ireland, probably. Dump food aside, here is another set from our shoot a few weeks ago. Notice our guest model, Jaime, working it in some super-fly polyester. 

Retro polyesters floral Mabel dress, handmade with cotton lace detail; Tobacco Frye Leather Motorcycle Boots

Straw Garden hat; Cotton Abstract tee; Dark-rinse straight-leg jeans; Vintage leather and canvas deck shoes

Nipsey Russel snuggles up to a pile of man-clothes. Just an FYI, YES, I * do* have a strong desire to dress him like a person. 

Cotton batik scarf; Vintage Dolman Indian block print top; Studded jersey skirt; Navy die-cut Birkenstocks

Celadon Wool Beret; Cotton 3/4 sleeve tunic with cherry blossom print; Seal-grey wool cable skirt

...What am I feeling for next shoot? All I have to say is I keep finding dresses (SCORE) and I discovered a GOLDMINE of belts. And man, this girl (Kface at the moment...) Likes her some belts.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I thought that we could sing, to pass the time...

Another home shoot. Why? Because it is summer now, chickens. We know- it's been awhile. Long enough for it to be another season. Jesus. But really, two words: FOLK FEST. Okay, another one: WORK.

Spring cleaning must be in full force, because each trip to the dump these days is like Christmas. We've found some really magical things- vintage vests and DRESSES! Even some handmade/altered pieces. Seriously good shit.

Cranberry open-knit cowl; Seal cotton cardigan; Tribal print cotton seersucker dress; Camel suede Chukka Boots

Small floral print cap sleeved blouse; Hand adorned military green zip up; Dark wash Whisker bleached denim, cuffed.

Stretch cotton seal gray trousers; chambray light print button up; crocheted tan short-sleeved top; dusty pink peacoat style blazer

Mustard Jersey Cowl; Viole Turquoise cardigan; Stretch floral clip belt; Vintage cotton eyelet night dress

Vintage Jansport vest; OP surf shirt; Vintage silk handkerchief; Skinny thin-wale cords; Suede orthopedic oxfords

Black and nude 3/4 length sleeve lace blouse; Gray and pastel yellow smocked Skirt; Chocolate stacked kitten heeled slip on booties.

Vintage silk scarf/hairband; Mustard pattern tank; 100% wool tartan button-up; Vintage black skinny Levis

Do you have a favorite summer item that you are itching to break out now that the weather is warming up? Or if you have some extra dresses laying around, transfer station farmers west and Chena Pump are great places to leave them for a great new home... :D