Dumps like a Truck

  Today we tried to capture the newness of spring by getting some new photos, along with a fresh new lady-treat. You knew it was spring because this transfer site was hoppin'. I mean there were old toothless men left, right and center, scratching around in all the junk, claiming territory and such. And we used that energy, infusing it into our stylings.

Paisley Braces; Delta Meat & Sausage Co. Baseball tee; Wool tasseled tartan miniskirt.

 Seafoam Vintage Silk hankies; Tie-dye cotton tee; Cotton Muslin Sage skirt; Braided leather belt; Cotton Rose 3/4 sleeve cardigan; Up-cycled canvas tote

Vintage Silk polka-dot hanky; Voile floral scarf; Cotton Hawai'i tee; Thin-wale Cord 3-pocket skirt; Shetland wool legwarmers

Lipsmack cotton Scarf; Soft V-neck scarlet tee; High-waist oyster trousers

Vintage print Silk hanky; Shoulder-button Cotton crew tee; Webbing and leather belt; Cable knit wool miniskirt; Mustard leather envelope purse


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