Lets hear it for the Boys

   It was a beautiful sunny day in Fairbanks. -5F made it not so beautiful, and made our little fingers numb. Thwarted by the Trash Man (I bet he would resent being called that. He's probably a heavy equipment operator...) (Though, he may also take PRIDE in it, being a 'Bin man!' Like Howard was...) we tried two transfer sites today, only to be let down, not a scrap of anything. Good thing we've been saving up man-clothes for this day.

  So thank you Dan, Chris and Nick, for being all handsome and sassy for us.

Carmine Merle abstract v-neck; Canvas and leather braces

Vintage KUAC trucker hat; African print silk button-up; Land's End Irish hand-knit wool sweater, ecru ; Eddie Bauer canvas and leather satchel; DKNY espresso rinse jeans

Fair-Isle knit cap; Land's End Irish hand-knit wool sweater, French Beige; Distressed Levi's original bootcut jeans; shoes-model's own


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