Bring on the Spring!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Picnic Anyone?

I found this BRAND NEW picnic cooler with silverware, chanpagne cups, plates, and wine key at the Farmers Loop West site. Never been used. Just another great find...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hazy Days of Winter

Yeah yeah. We've been lazy. But seriously, we'll make it up to you. We didn't mean for it to be so long, but, you know how life can be...forgive us? 

How will you be repaid? Why, with a new model of course! Of the male variety (even better!). You have no idea how hard it can be to coax boys into doing this. In front of their friends. 

We've also rewarded you, our little darlings, with some more racy shots. Okay, so racy for Alaska in November. Meaning that we aren't wearing mittens.

These clothes were amassed from many trips to the dump, and there's more to come. Also:
We're working on the quality of the photos. A bottle of wine will do that to a person. Or two people. Details.

Cotton Camel-striped cardigan; Jersey minidress; leatherette belt

Handmade Aubergine wool knit hat; Cotton graphic tee; Vintage Military jacket; Clay cotton cargo pants

Stretch-ribbon hair tie; Vintage Woodstock graphic tee; Sand pointelle cardigan; Beach-wash distressed jeans

Candy-stripe henley; Military ramie tap pants; Soft pink cashmere legwarmers

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beauty and Goodwill

A couple of years ago, I discovered For a few months, I sat on it, perusing it daily, window shopping at all the glorious fancies to be had. I didn't want to share it, lest people get the things I was too cheap and impatient to buy. Oh, and also I'm really selfish.

The site is great, not only because you are supporting Goodwill, not purchasing new crap, but you can gander at their stuff from all over the country, all from the comfort of your office computer.

Every so often, I'll post things that I've found, and love from Literally, just because they are pretty.

Classic rotary phone in brick red. Get me one of these, in any colour, and I'll bake you a pie. FACT.

Nothing makes you look richer than a gaudy gold sequin handbag. No really

I love the colours of this trapeze coat- the off-white mink and powder blue are classic, and that dis-coloured lining is gorgeous. I'm already shaped like a badger, so I skip anything with a circus-themed cut; seriously, "Wear this big sack, draped jauntily about your person!" -- why not call it the 'circus tent' cut? It's also made out of 'Arnel', whatever the fuck that is, it's probably some carcinogenic concoction made out of melted couch cushions. I say, cut off the collar, add a ribbon and cabochon. Rip out the lining, and make something flashy out of it- tap pants, a little tank top or a mini skirt. Then maybe take in that coat, add some buttons. Wear it a few times, then maybe use it to start a fire.

This website rules for vintage hats. Pea green waves of polyester fabric with a bit of netting , UNION MADE! How can you go wrong? 

I love brooches; you can use them for almost anything- clip them onto a headband, a lapel, use to pin the back of a thin dress together. So glittery and lovely! But the current bid for the blue starbust is $8, a little too rich for my blood. It's like new, but it looks like they aren't even real rhinestones.  The cream-coloured flower is a better deal at $3, and was made in Germany- how very exotic! For $2, you can have a sweet little coral-coloured enamel tulip. 


This dress makes my heart flutter. I adore nude-coloured anything, and a dusty purple lace makes it even better. It's darted and nipped in the waist, making it both romantic and elegant. Also, it would totally fit me. Just saying.  These boots are FANTASTIC, but really, who has little size-7 lotus feet? Good, stacked-hell leather boots are hard to find, maybe I could bind my feet for them...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We Love Answering Questions! BRING IT ON.

Q: So what do y'all do with the clothes? Do you sell them? Do they become parts of your wardrobe? Has this project made you dress differently or more arrogantly, if you will? On a side note from all my curiosities; I LOVE this blog. Like, really love it.

                                                                                                                - Leah

A: Ruckus: I'm not sure if you've ever been to my house, but I have clothes packed into every nook and cranny. I'm personally to lazy to sell anything, ever, but if I find something good that I know someone else will like, I'll snatch it. But I'm beyond a clothes horse; clothes Lipizzaner would be more accurate. I have a mountain of clothes the size of K2. This isn't to say that I am exquisitely fancy (as I'm sure you know). So lots of the clothes come home with me. Lots of them don't. I try to be discerning, as in "How many old, stretched out stained t-shirts do you REALLY need?". Say that t-shirt has a funky vintage Nenana ice cream parlour design on it, then I'll take it. I've scored so many badass clothes from the dump, I almost never go to thrift stores anymore.
     Does it make me more arrogant? Oh yeah. Of course. If you can wear trash, and have a few hundred people checking it out every week on your blog, it really opens doors. I used to make fun of Katie for using scraps of fabric for scarves, or pillowcases for clothing, but every time, I mean EVERY time she did, a handful of people would come up to her and compliment her. So if she can get away with that, it's like the sky's the limit. We also tried a shoot with a mirror. Fuck that, what a mistake! We were really critical, and came up with these shitty outfits that did little more than cover our bodies, and spend about 2 hours vetoing everything because it didn't look right. It was so weird, because we're normally in the back of her car, struggling around in our underwear at the local dump, and we just put together stuff that looks good together, that I can cram my ass into. And that really has bled into what I wear on a daily basis. People notice if you wear something ridiculous or fancy- so I am a shitload more arrogant about my clothes these days.

Kface:  Trista commented the other day that my car now smells. She wasn't lying. We stockpile clothing now for shoots...which just feeds my already ridiculous habit of 'shopping' at the dump. I would say I go by the Transfer stations at least 3 times a week...I mean, one is right on the way home! So, whereas before I would grab stuff I thought could fit my body, or fun fabrics to tie around me or sew onto something (as Ruckus mentioned above) about once a week, I now grab things I think would fit her too...or, even better, have started stock piling for the post were we get to include MALE MODELS. 
     Out of every shoot we do, I'd say I keep ONE item. Sometimes it is nothing, Last shoot, I kept two pairs of shoes. Most of the stuff though, We just simply take pictures in, and leave for someone else to come show love to :D I, like Trista, have WAY too many clothes as it is...and can say that the breakdown (including accessories and shoes) is about 45 % dump finds, 25% thrift stores, 15% first time buys (mostly shoes...or earrings) and 15% clothing swaps/exchanges from friends. I am constantly weeding things out though, and making piles 'to go to dump' and 'to save for clothing exchange'. It's pretty amazing to have an ever changing wardrobe! 
     ...and, I think I basically answered this, but has it changed the way I dress? Not really...these habits were acquired not TOO long ago (upon moving to Alaska, and being a natural hoarder) but once I realized I could get for FREE what people were paying hard $$$ spending habits subsided a GOOD deal...and I become more original. I'd say that's a pretty awesome win-win, eh? 
     Finally, just a general THANKS Leah, and everyone else who keeps checking in on a regular basis! We are glad you love what we are doing, because man O' Man, we sure have fun with it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Boyfriend's Back in Town

This week, after a little hiatus, we returned to Farmer's Loop West for some awesome finds. 'Boy' was the word with this set: chunky detailing, military-inspired footwear, lots of tartans, grunge and relaxed fit, poplin and simple colours gave this set a masculine feel.

Vintage green button up dress; Rayon blend gold-patterned culottes; Brass and leather detail stretch belt; Leatherette platform ankle boots
White Leather Day Sandals; Dusty Pink Coolots; Over-sized Pinstripe Button down; Stretch pre-shrunk Stripped Day shirt

(Detail)  Brass and leather detail stretch belt

Woman's green and blue plaid jumper; Oversized Men's red zip hoodie; Black Leather skinny belt; Worn Black Leather Military style boots; Ski Bunny Olympics hat

                     Cotton tartan scarf; Merino blend cardigan; Bleach splatter Gap Boyfriend Jeans

Cream Cable-knit muffle sweater; Wool tartan kilt; Canvas royal pattern hobo bag; Vintage leather oxfords

Silk blend ruffle blouse; Vintage print college seal t-shirt; Ribbed full button Lt. Pink Henley; Cuffed Gap Boyfriend Jeans; Classic White canvas Slip-Ons

(Detail) White Leather Day Sandals and Leatherette platform ankle boots

Hope Everyone enjoyed this collection! Check in later this week as we add a few extra posts, and liven things up a bit!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

North Pole: tale of two sites

 We ventured out to North Pole, to check up on their transfer sites. Their in-town site was glorious and huge, but it was nearly empty, save for a few TVs.

   The Badger road site had more; it was pretty well picked over, but we made it work.

Ivory mohair sweater; Black floor length evening gown

Gold silk repurposed scarf; Forest wool 3/4 sleeve thermal; Slate cable-knit cotton cardigan; Moroccan-pattern cotton skirt; Slouched, chocolate distressed leather riding boots

Vintage boys Stripped t-shirt; Misses cropped dark wash jeans; Vintage Mens embroidered wrestling jacket;  Rose newsboys cap with rosette detail

Vintage periwinkle silk oxford; Wool and silk blend tartan vest; Vintage wide-leg men's trousers;Slouched, chocolate distressed leather riding boots

Detail of vintage men's embroidered wrestling jacket

Ivory wool hand-knit scarf; African print barathea skirt re-purposed as a shirt; brass hook closure belt; Mens waist high Gator boots

Charcoal distressed bleach-spatter tissue tee;  Vintage polyester baseball pants; Slouched, chocolate distressed leather riding boots

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going woods-queer

 *We shook it up a bit and did the shoot in the comfort of the forest. 

Re-purposed vintage Germany beanie; Golden Eagle baseball tee; Vintage wash bootcut Bullhead jeans; Vintage bridle leather cuff with brass rifle hook closure; Vintage caramel suede gumshoes

Re-purposed Military Jacket; over-dyed brown camisole, Green ribbed v-neck; re-purposed cotton floral label leggings; classic brown leather dock shoes

Detail of vintage bridle leather cuff with brass rifle hook closure

Over-sized men's textured patchwork sweater; Vintage wash bootcut Bullhead jeans; classic brown leather dock shoes

Powder-blue suede fringe hip satchel with brass hardware.

Bone white gauze Dolman top with silk details; Leatherette skinny belt; Banana Republic fawn linen miniskirt; Genuine leather stitched detail cowboy boots

                      Black fitted beanie; Women's lilac heathered wool pocket workshirt; English rose print jersey tank top; woven cotton belt with leatherette details; olive cotton leggings

Monday, October 4, 2010

John and Mike Forever

*Transfer Site: Farmers Loop West

dumpster diving
sea-green merino blend cardigan; empire cross-over red, polka-dot cotton poplin top; pegged, deconstructed culotte-length Carharrts; vintage blue deck shoes, re-purposed red beanie.
reused clothing Dumpster fashion
Ivory cashmere crew neck sweater; Teal jersey knit t-shirt; Secondhand designer boot cut jeans; white leather driving mens driving shoes; vintage weathered brown belt; handmade batik head scarf; re-purposed blue velvet maxi dress.
trash to treasure
Vintage silk-blend vest; hand-made woodlouse graphic tee; vintage light-wash men's Levis;re-purposed cotton madras plaid scarf; canvas capezio shoes with rawhide laces; vintage lace wrap bracelet; vegan leatherette blue gig bag.
vintage clothing
Dumpster fashion alaska
Men's classic button down; Navy over-dyed tights, vintage screen-printed sweatshirt; womans Cotton lingerie shorts; Men's soft suede camel cowboy boots.

Trash to Treasure

Everyone is always searching for the most vintage, yet cheap, outfits. They are posting where they got certain accessories, and how much of a steal all aspects of it really were...Well, this takes it to eleven (cause there really is no other way.)
I present to you, kind public: Arrogantly Shabby. Every piece of clothing featured, every accessory, all shoes--it ALL comes straight from the local transfer stations (also known as the dump). We model all clothing on the day we find it, at the specific transfer station in which it was found. Get ready to be trashy.

Now how much more thrifty could one get?