Shit Leopard

 I am NOT changing the title, Face. No way, no how.

So I found this. It's a leopard-print polyester chiffon dress. The cut was okay-it has a nipped waist, circle skirt and knotted bustline. The top was a bit..shouldery. I am almost positive this dress was worn by a man. It smelled like it. 

                                          The easiest way to make a dress better is to add a belt. Face taught me this. The sleeves were big and baggy, so I tied them with some brown lace anvoilà! A cute sweet-heart neckline. This is just a leather skinny belt with a brass dolphin buckle, from the dump. You can't tell, but I'm also wearing long peacock feather earrings that I made. Damn!

This look is so hot. It might look costume-y, and that's cause it IS--but screw it! Leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt everyday, blend in. Or drape a dead raccoon on your body and be remembered! This capelet is  vintage, from around the 1940's. I got it on Ebay in a lot of 6 vintage furs for $10.  I pinned the dress up with a brooch (the photos of it didn't make sense...) but love it so much I might sew it like that. The shoes are little satin kitten-heel peeptoes, from the dump, a few years ago. The headband is a cheapie beaded one from Forever21, and the beaded bag is an old 60's pouch from Value Village. It was crazy overpriced at $4, but I HAD to have it. 

      I wanted to include a more casual look, so I tucked that dress into my underwear and called it good. No, really...I totally dig bubble hems these days, and you can get that look from a circle skirt turned/tucked under. Okay, I suppose if you didn't want to tuck it into the old baggy whities, you could pin the hem to a garter belt. Yeah, you should probably do that....The sweater is a crystal and pearl detail GEM SWEATER, 100% cashmere wool, snatched from a clothing swap. The silk kerchief was one of about two dozen I pulled out of a dumpster a few months ago, and the boots were also a dump find- perfect condition too!

 There it is: A shit leopard, 3 ways. Now, skip hence, ducks, and figure out that reference!


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