Dress a family of brothers for a funeral

As we've mentioned before, Men's clothing is a bit harder to come by at the dump. I (face) feel this is because men are a lot more unlikely to part with an item after only a few wears, and will instead wear an item of clothing until moths will no longer touch it. Either way, over time we have slowly acquired enough items from the various dumps to do another men's shoot.  I happened to stumble upon a treasure trove of men's suit items, and gathered them like I needed to dress a family of brothers for a funeral. 

Men's seal gray suit pants (I found so many suit pieces I wanted to SCREAM. Vests, coats, suits, dress shirts, etc.); Sheer cotton pink plaid dress shirt; silk and wool stitched vest

Light blue linen shorts; Vintage live stock print sea foam  long sleeve t-shirt; gray Henley shirt refashioned into a cardigan; Beanie model's own. Shoe's came free with purchase of a vintage bowling bag at a local thrift store.

So can we talk about how he should have had a boombox sitting next to him. So Cusack it kills me. Olive green Trench with flannel lining; Men's stripped Suit Pants; Short Sleeved men's Grey pin stripped button up; Over-sized men's knit sweater vest; Shoes model's own


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