Kface here. I'm gonna try something new out, and we will see what you all think/how it flows with the rest of what we are doing. I figured, it may be time to show you how we take our dump fashion home with us. Now, not everything we find at the dump and feature in the blog do we take home, most actually stays at the dump for others to find and utilize. On the other hand, I know I personally stop by the dump almost once a day, so there is a lot that I pick up that will never make it to a regular fashion post. 

Below I show you a find (actually found by Ruckus) that didn't quite make the last shoot, but I stole to bring home with me. The items I use with the article of clothing are mostly simple accessories from the dump, as well as items I have greedily snatched out of others hands at clothing swaps with my friends. You dig?

Item in Question: This turquoise 80s dress (shoulder pads and all). 

Very simple, has a few little stains on the front, otherwise great condition.

Pretty shapeless on a hanger, most people might pass it over.

I use the dress as a top, simply add a black a pencil skirt (snatched quickly out of a trash bag of a friends before others could get their grubby hands on it!) wide belt (dump) and necklace I picked up...somewhere? Cheap custom jewelery is the best.

I use the dress as a skirt; Men's plaid button down in small from Dump; Earrings my own; Shoes were featured in our blog HERE; Wide brown belt from the dump. Belts are one of the best things, and look hard enough and you can simply keep upgrading from one to the next each time you visit a transfer site.

 This is where you must remember there are SO MANY possibilities for pieces you spot! If you even slightly like something, snatch it up! Bring it home, try a few things. If it doesn't work...why then simply bring it back to the dump for someone else to try their hand at it!


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