Day Drinking, Pt. 2

What? It's totally still summer.

Also, check this fly recipe for a Lemon Rose Claret:

Cup of red wine
Generous splash of lemonade (Santa Cruz, in the jars, is CHEAP right now)
A wee splash of either rose syrup or grenadine, if you're just not fancy enough
Add some ice cubes, and garnish with fresh lemon twists if you're trying to impress people.

Moving along.

Lots of early '90s throwback fashion in this post. I thought about a throwback drink recipe, but I don't think anyone drinks grain alcohol and Tang anymore. There are some adorable, update-able elements of '90s style; baggy pants, black leather, floral, denim, flats, shaggy rockstar hair and old man sweaters have all made a comeback. Other things deserve to be forgotten; Stonewashed mom jeans, chunky loafers, crocheted everything. Steer clear.

Grey Floral Wrap dress; Oversized Brown stretch belt; Brown Leather Healed Oxfords; Chambray Scarf

I'm such a fan of big, bulky accessories and girly prints and fabrics. Also, everyone looks amazing in a wrap dress. Literally, everyone. Even Roseanne. Okay, pushing it.

Thick ribbed tam; Cotton Oxford shirt; Mustard Cotton Yoga pants; Two-tone Canvas deck shoes

It's easy to look like Frumps McFrumperton when doing casual; but keep in mind: something has to be fitted, or show a bit 'o skin. Think skinny jeans/baggy sweatshirt, or baggy pants/tight top (but accessorize this one, or you'll look like an extra from a Missy Elliot video).

Wool-blend tartan button-up; 100% Cotton Guatemalan pants

Men can't go wrong with tartan shirts. Mixing prints is ballsy, and works for the ladies too.
Denim jean vest; Black cap-sleeve tunic; Chiffon floral skirt; White T-strap Espardrilles

Denim jean vest; Black cap-sleeve tunic; Chiffon floral skirt; White T-strap Espardrilles

This early '90s looks is so classic; denim, black and floral. Make it lady-like with heels or flats, or tone it down with boots.

Huxtable Sweater; Vintage V-neck; Soft-wash vintage jeans; Tom's Vegan slip-ons

LOVE this look; if it's possible for a guy to look artsy and romantic, this nails it. Like, soft enough fabrics that you could roll around in bed or take a nap in it. V-necks are hot. Comfy, ugly sweaters are sexy. This is a true story. This look works for the ladies too!


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