Day Drinking, Pt. 1

When you're classy as shit, summer means one thing in Alaska: Day Drinking. When there's no fear of hypothermia, just bears, you can while away the 24 hours of sunshine in a shiny, less-than-lucid happiness that only comes from heat + friends + cocktails of choice. Or really good pastries. But that's different.

Summer is for naked legs.
Summer is a time for layers too; add dimension to an old tunic or dress with a lacy skirt slip underneath. It adds texture and sexy boldness without being overly tarty.

Field Green Chiffon Tunic; Polyester lace skirt slip; Skinny leatherette belt with bronze detail

On chilly nights, pairing a cute jumper with shorts is classic, comfortable and adorable. Pink and red is an unexpected combination; if you're sick of neons (or you aren't 22 anymore) try pairing primary or bold colours with their softer counterparts for a pop of colour that isn't so punchy.

Vintage Swiss Jumper; Poplin pintuck shorts (LOVE THESE); Vintage Italian leather Capezios (SO. Comfy.)

 Listen up boys: Girls like legs. I know, it's gross. Go with it. We never get sick of a man in a stripey sailor shirt and cuffed, tight Bremudas. Never, you hear me? Class it up with a jacket, or keep it casual with a solid-colour button-up or hoodie. Trust me. Hot.

100% Cotton Men's GAP Utility Jacket; Heathered boater tee; Vintage Skinny-wale cord Bremudas

White can be tough to wear. See-through, boring.  Dress up a plain white with a cute layer, funky belt, or both. When you're rocking a simple look, a few accessories and some colour goes a long way.

 Thick ribbed tam; White and yellow tunics; Vintage elastic and camel leather belt; Clay GAP Chinos

Face. This is a straight-up scowl.

Another cute combo of shorts and a jumper. Note the details on this otherwise simple outfit; rolled cuffs on
the shorts, pointelle knitting. It makes it special, but still casual. The unlaced low-tops make it fun, and contrast with the extra-fancy jumper well.

Ivory Pointelle Cashmere 3/4 jumper; Cotton pleated shorts; Chuck Taylor low-tops


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