Make that House Shine Bitch!

So, Not only do we find badass clothing at the dump, we also come across lots of other ridiculously beautiful things for the house. Above are a variety of blue glass my friend Gina found for me at the dump. They were just sitting in a box, ready to be brought home.
Displays of blue glass always look good. ALWAYS. As with any kind of display, the varying of size and shape makes it more complex and pleasing to the eye.

This was my OH SO BRILLIANT find of the past two weeks. This is just a section of the print of two extremely large swaths of fabric I found. All clean. I believe they were drapes for someone else, I have yet to decide how they shall be used in my new place in Minneapolis. They are def. a grandma print, but if that is what you dig (and It IS what I dig...A LOT) you will score free shit ALL THE TIME at the dump. Keep DEM EYES OPEN.
****UPDATE* Can we talk about how this EXACT fabric is used for a dress at this awesome shop?**** 

This last find i did not take with me, and I DO hope someone came across it minutes after I took these pictures and brought it home where it should be. The is GORGEOUS and the possibilities are ENDLESS. Chandelier lighting is a prize to find at the dump, and figuring out the wiring to make them working again can easily be Done. Just ask Ruckus. 

  Dude, seriously, wiring is SO DAMN EASY.


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