Everyone Say 'Prune'

Why go to a dump, when you can just go to the backyard for a dump-like fashion shoot? Now, don't fret, all the clothing is still VERY MUCH from the transfer sites, I just had a few friends over this tie to my house and decided that the comfort of my own trash infested back yard would work juuust fine.

  PS, notice how gorgeous and autumny it is? Time for layers, accessories that actually DO something (hell-o scarves, gloves, socks over tights and leggings!) and earthy, lovely fall colours. Oh, and gratuitous shots of hot male models.

Cashmere Bow tie Sweater in Rust (Which I totally kept); Plaid daydress; Nylon's model's own; Penny Loafers. My face naturally looks like that. Truth.

Mustard Retro-pattern scarf; Powder-blue vintage shift dress; Hand-tooled leather cowboy boots

Can we all say this together: Scarf + dress + boots = timeless

First we have to address this: Don, you know you are a God among men, right? What the hell.

Cotton Polka-Dot Oxford; Twill and Satin Vest; Vintage tie; Dress slacks

Oh, and also: Men in vests. So. Hot.

Vintage Calico Dress with skinny leatherette belt; Vintage taupe peep-toe sandals; Straw hat

Yes, this is the same dress.  See how it works great on both lovely ladies!? Though,  I was the lucky lady that got to pose with the STONE COLD HOTTIE below.

Vintage Calico Dress with White lattice belt; Goldenrod Canvas messenger bag; White ballet flats 

Corduroy Blazer; Tartan Wool scarf; Grey flat-front trousers; Vintage leather dress shoes

  Corduroy Blazer; Tartan Wool scarf; Grey flat-front trousers; Vintage leather dress shoes (same outfit, just an extra chance to see our model's face.) 


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