The Gods Must Be Crazy

As I sit and write this post, the weather outside is too amazing to explain,  blue skies, blaring sun, and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  This weather began about two days ago, or exactly two days AFTER we shot this post. We went to this post tired, sick, heavily medicated (in Ruckus' case) and angry about the weather...and I think we conveyed every ounce in our facial expressions. This time we weren't modeling... we were channeling our frustrations with Alaska weather...I guess the Gods took notice.

And they betta'.

 Sheer cotton gingham oxford shirt; Tribal pattern cotton tea-length dress; Leather and brass espadrilles

Hand knit toboggan cap; Black and white Floral print sheer button-down; 
Screen-print t-shirt; Costume faded Denim; 
Leather Men's work boots

Rayon-silk blend batik scarf; Tweed and cotton blend blazer with leather button details;
  Sheer cotton gingham oxford shirt; 
Surf wash distressed Gap jeans; Chocolate Doc Marten Oxfords

Ivory hooded Henley; Coral Indian-inspired Screen print T-shirt; 
Dark Stain Corduroy; Leather wedged Penny Loafers


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