The dump has been awesome the last couple of days! I found sheets, bird seed and an onion. You'd think that isn't anything to write home about, but did I mention that those sheets were 250-count (our current sheets are like 50? I am almost positive they are from a prison...) AND the onion was purple, brand-new, with tags still on?  I know I'm not the only person that gets excited about free onions. Well, me and all of 15th-century Ireland, probably. Dump food aside, here is another set from our shoot a few weeks ago. Notice our guest model, Jaime, working it in some super-fly polyester. 

Retro polyesters floral Mabel dress, handmade with cotton lace detail; Tobacco Frye Leather Motorcycle Boots

Straw Garden hat; Cotton Abstract tee; Dark-rinse straight-leg jeans; Vintage leather and canvas deck shoes

Nipsey Russel snuggles up to a pile of man-clothes. Just an FYI, YES, I * do* have a strong desire to dress him like a person. 

Cotton batik scarf; Vintage Dolman Indian block print top; Studded jersey skirt; Navy die-cut Birkenstocks

Celadon Wool Beret; Cotton 3/4 sleeve tunic with cherry blossom print; Seal-grey wool cable skirt

...What am I feeling for next shoot? All I have to say is I keep finding dresses (SCORE) and I discovered a GOLDMINE of belts. And man, this girl (Kface at the moment...) Likes her some belts.


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