Last Child in the Woods

  I'm excited about not being the size of an affordable family car anymore. If you see me in public and I'm wearing stretch pants covered in cat hair, give me a break, and enjoy the glorious irony of me having a fashion blog.-Ruckus

   That said, it's winter again, and I'm thinking layers and mixed prints. There's a fine balance between layering and "I'm currently living out of my car, thus wearing everything I own at once". I often find myself toeing the line of the latter. And I know we've said it time and again, and life in general would be less exciting if we all could follow our own advice, but : sticking to similar colour families, or at least complimentary ones, and showing enough of your shape to confirm that no, you are not in possession of a bag of cats, will usually help you to look less like a street urchin, and more like you're sauntering the streets of some European city. That might be laying it on a bit thick. But you get the point.

Kface in flannel and workboots on a swing set in the woods

Face nails it again. I love the pairing of boyish boots and plaid with short-shorts. SO cute. (Face here, I think Ruckus and I both agreed, we would like to be able to take every shot, at every photo shoot on a swing. The angle Flatters like no other! Swings, in all bars! PLEASE)


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