Hot Tub Time Machine

Oh man, Alaska is showing us some AMAZING love, and we couldn't be more grateful! This Past weekend, not only did we get an amazing piece written up about us in the Alaska Dispatch, we also got the chance to be apart of Campus Couture, where we  were asked to style a runway show of all donated and dumpster clothing to be auctioned off by the Ever Lovely Collette Promiseland in support of the local Fairbanks Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). Everyone who helped support the show, and came out and had a good time... WE thank you all!

So, as a thank you, we decided to end our month hiatus (hiatus is lingo for being a slackass) and give you not only a post today, but also a post next week. And hopefully, not another month before our next one! Today's post was actually the shoot we were doing when the original Fairbanks Daily Newsminer article came out in September.

Tweed suitcoat; Cotton Oxford; Cuffed GAP Dungarees; GAP Messenger bag; Vintage Gumshoe Moccasins

Tweed suitcoat; Cotton Oxford; Cuffed GAP Dungarees; GAP Messenger bag; Vintage Gumshoe Moccasins

   Ruckus here: I'm not going to pretend to be a bastion of maternity fashion (obvious oxymoron, to anyone who has ever been pregnant...) but a tight-as-shit striped anything seems to be a go. Number one, you look giant anyway, anyone telling you otherwise is a liar, maybe even a snipe, so you might as well own it. Spandex is incredible. The smoothing and lifting capabilities already well known to the mildly lumpy, this pregnant lady appreciated the body-hugging (and surprisingly supportive...) glory of  Spandex. And I would NEVER wear a hat like this unless I was playing croquet, FYI.That is all.

Red Point Flats; Black and white striped maxi 'Beyonce' dress; Black straw derby hat with grossgrain ribbon; Aviators

Nude Ankle Boots, Patchwork circle skirt; sheer Fuchsia 3/4 sleeve top; Brown knit cardigan

Poplin Polka dot Oxford and tie; Twill Bremudas, boat shoes

  Cute looks: Pairing a similar print/colour tie with a button-up, a nice play on a more fancy look. Extra points: if you're in Alaska, and you tuck your shirt in/wear a tie, everyone will wonder what you're up to, and the ladies will notice. No, really, we will.
 Black straw derby hat with grossgrain ribbon; Polka dot tank; Leather and brass belt; Wide-leg men's cut trousers; Nine West patent booties

    I can't believe we got Face to get in this...Marble-look '70s hot tub. It had been raining....


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