Grass Is Greener

Guys, GUYS...IT IS SEPTEMBER. Oh man, how did that happen?! I Mean, this means snow is only weeks away. WEEKS. I just don't know if I am ready... no, I KNOW I am not ready. And not in a 'mentally I am just not ready for the cold' way, but more like in a 'Oh Shit! I have no heating fuel, and still need to fix my bike from summer, and headlights on my car, and get an oil change, and...and...' Kind of way. No Good at all. 

So I shall post pictures taken a few weeks ago, so we can all remember the greener times. Yeah, this lush greenness was only a few weeks ago. Seasons, who knew?

Purple and white Gingham shift dress; Ivory sweater vest; Brown Leatherette belt; Candy Apple Green Flats.

Sage Green Denim; Tribal Print Polo; Olive Corduroy Blazer

Navy Kitten Heels with Cut outs; Floral Cap sleeved silk Waterfall Dress; Coral Silk tank; Lavender cloth belt

(Constant reminder from Kface and Ruckus: Modify your clothing! The dress on the right was a full floor length number, until I got a hold of it and chopped length away all around, and then continued to chop the front to make it an ever stylish 'mullet' dress like This, and This.)

Seal Gray Men's Summer Suit; Pale Pink Oxford


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