Back In Season

Oh, You say it has been almost 5 months since a post? And there hasn't been an outfit post since November either? MAN, what assholes we can be. BUT, I am here to say that we are back. And The posts are gonna keep on rolling in. I hope to feature some gorgeous male and female guest models in all future posts, but for today, you have to star solely at the mean mug (literally) of Kface.  I hope you can handle it.

Black with White Bows details Maxi Skirt worn as Dress; Red and White Stripped Oxford

Hand Knit Ivory Beanie; Forest Green Norwegian Sweater; Blue crushed Velvet Jumper, Tan Suede and Leather Double Buckle Detailed Boots.

 (Can we talk about these boots...I mean, they are GRAND, Just GRAND.)

Black Merino Bell sleeved Sweater; Distressed Plaid Pastel Pillowcase as Scarf; Black and White One piece Culottes Jumper with Large Floral Print

Boyfriend cut Jeans torn into Shorts; Brown Leather Mary Jane's with ankle strap removed; Men's Woolrich Flannel Shirt; Oversized stretch belt; Red and White Plaid Sash removed from a wrap Dress as Hair Wrap

When it comes down to it, this is my favorite kind of outfit. Totally comfortable, still feminine, and I am able to run around in it, and not care about getting dirty. Transfer site win. 


  1. awesome. yes the boots kick ass. And you pull off skirt-over-dress better than the celebs. just sayin

  2. Those boots! You're a real deal Alaskan babe. Fashionista treasure hunter posh model. Mmm m mmm. More posts please.


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