On the Road Again

I feel like ever since I started having to clear away most of my household goods, and start packing up for my move to Minneapolis, that I have been overwhelmed with large, AWESOME goods at the transfer sites. All these goods in which I cannot take. The transfer site is an evil, evil temptress, I tell you. 

Stripped thin zip-up cardigan; Cotton GAP T-shirt; Suede Ralph Lauren pants

So, This guy right here got recognized the other day for helping out with our blog. He was VERY flattered....and wont stop talking about it now. So if you see him, make his day, tell him GQ is next.
Light wash jean shirt; Men's Wool Sweater; Relaxed Fit Jeans; Leather Loafers

Men's club Soccer Jersey; Gray wool Suit jacket; Brown tint Suit Pants

Oh to find Converse at the transfer site! That is when Converse are at their best!
Oversized Men's stripped Sweater; Grey Suit Pants (that went with the grey jacket above...); High top Converse

Blue Silk Ribbon Tie Blouse; White with lace hem Slip; White Strappy women's Sandals; Vibrant colored handkerchief Scarf

Sorry for not as much verbage this time everyone! the move is in 2 days, and Computer time is vvveerrrryyyy limited! 


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