Bring on the Spring!

It's spring here in Fairbanks; I know, there is still snow, cold, and bears, but you'll have to just trust us. TRUST ME. It's been warm, sunny and glorious, and everything is melting, and summer, SUMMER is right around the corner.

Here is the latest spread, including a guest model, Lindsay. 

This week we found good shoes and tops. Shoes are tricky, but if I had a nickel for every time we found a pair of men's Frye boots, we'd have like...$.85. People are also hemorrhaging hats, scarves, sweaters and coats from their closet; would've been kind of helpful when it was thirty below...

Korean Star Wars tee; Vintage stonewash skinny jeans with concho fringe;  Vintage leather and rabbit fur ankle boots

Calvin Klein brand trapper hat; Vintage Izod brand striped jumper; Cuffed Levi's beachwash jeans; Chuck Taylor Originals brand All Stars

Leather strap head piece; Ditsy floral print Silk blouse; Wide Wool Cable Knit Skirt; Stockings models own; Black Ballerina Flats

Pale violet sleeveless jersey cardigan; Vintage lace scalloped bralet; Feather clip

Military Inspired Bistre safari Jacket; Camel colored twilled linen pants; patent leather red calf boot

Charcoal hand-knit shawl; Gap brand cropped double-breasted peacoat; Cuffed Levi's beachwash jeans; Vintage leather and rabbit fur ankle boots

Norwegian Folk headband; Champagne Silk-blend dolman top; Studded black leather belt;  Platinum cuffed shorts; Leatherette Jackboots

Vintage Alaska Rec Spider decal shirt; Levi's over stressed boot-cut jeans; Jersey Prussian Blue 3/4-length Sleeve Cardigan

Vintage polyester zip up, Fizz Brand; Oyster jersey patch miniskirt

I want more dresses!  Anyone else? It's been WEEKS since I've seen a single one at the dump....what becomes of unwanted dresses?


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