Volcanoes and Milkshakes

       We took it on the road for a while. Coming at you from the Big Island of Hawai'i. These clothes were procured at an old-time church rummage sale. We paid about .50c at outfit, more or less. Actually, that's just a guess. I paid like $5 for a HUGE bag of clothes, having followed a vein of horrid florals and polyester into a garbage bag of shit. I felt like I was ripping the old lady off, but she seemed cool with it.

   Puna Style.

100% raw silk button-up jumpsuit, white stretch-lace headband

Vintage acrylic capelet, Oversized canvas dock bag, Re-purposed linen ruffle skirt, Wool blend gold stripe sweater

Vintage Cotton  Holokū dress with Hawai'ian pattern

Mix-print Batik Patchwork ruffle dress

More to come- we're back from holiday and ready to dumpster dive- but no outdoor shoots until it's above 


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