Beauty and Goodwill

A couple of years ago, I discovered For a few months, I sat on it, perusing it daily, window shopping at all the glorious fancies to be had. I didn't want to share it, lest people get the things I was too cheap and impatient to buy. Oh, and also I'm really selfish.

The site is great, not only because you are supporting Goodwill, not purchasing new crap, but you can gander at their stuff from all over the country, all from the comfort of your office computer.

Every so often, I'll post things that I've found, and love from Literally, just because they are pretty.

Classic rotary phone in brick red. Get me one of these, in any colour, and I'll bake you a pie. FACT.

Nothing makes you look richer than a gaudy gold sequin handbag. No really

I love the colours of this trapeze coat- the off-white mink and powder blue are classic, and that dis-coloured lining is gorgeous. I'm already shaped like a badger, so I skip anything with a circus-themed cut; seriously, "Wear this big sack, draped jauntily about your person!" -- why not call it the 'circus tent' cut? It's also made out of 'Arnel', whatever the fuck that is, it's probably some carcinogenic concoction made out of melted couch cushions. I say, cut off the collar, add a ribbon and cabochon. Rip out the lining, and make something flashy out of it- tap pants, a little tank top or a mini skirt. Then maybe take in that coat, add some buttons. Wear it a few times, then maybe use it to start a fire.

This website rules for vintage hats. Pea green waves of polyester fabric with a bit of netting , UNION MADE! How can you go wrong? 

I love brooches; you can use them for almost anything- clip them onto a headband, a lapel, use to pin the back of a thin dress together. So glittery and lovely! But the current bid for the blue starbust is $8, a little too rich for my blood. It's like new, but it looks like they aren't even real rhinestones.  The cream-coloured flower is a better deal at $3, and was made in Germany- how very exotic! For $2, you can have a sweet little coral-coloured enamel tulip. 


This dress makes my heart flutter. I adore nude-coloured anything, and a dusty purple lace makes it even better. It's darted and nipped in the waist, making it both romantic and elegant. Also, it would totally fit me. Just saying.  These boots are FANTASTIC, but really, who has little size-7 lotus feet? Good, stacked-hell leather boots are hard to find, maybe I could bind my feet for them...


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