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Creeper Basement

Have you ever entered a basement that looks like it is straight out of a horror movie? Like, drains in the floors, peg boards with random tools hanging, walls that look like they have secret compartments and plywood hanging over the areas where victims have tried to claw their way out? I am sure EVERYONE has experienced this at least once...well, our friend now OWNS one of these basements, and in Fairbanks winter, it becomes a perfect place to take over for an Arrogantly Shabby shoot. On Kface: Vintage Graphic Tee; Male Model: Silk Batiked dress used as scarf; Vintage distressed leather coat with an AMAZING lining ( for sale here ); distressed hunter green graphic tee; Forrest colored Woolrich plaid flannel. As we get older, I see a trend occurring among not only Ruckus and I, but out friends as well. QUALITY over quantity. This extends to the transfer station as well, where we will pick up wool, leather, silks, etc rather than the newest trendy polyester or rayon pants and

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